Funeral or Cremation for every budget.

The Last Individual Wish currently occupies an important place in arranging a funeral.

This wish is also increasingly emerging in the area of ​​transport to the final resting place.

Repatriation offers high-quality services in the field of funeral services, transport and care for the deceased.

In style and according to your wishes, we provide the funeral or transport to the final resting place.

A simple funeral costs from € 850, –

What to do after death abroad?

Wherever you are in the world, anyone can die unexpectedly.

Someone can die of natural causes, a crime, a serious illness or an accident.

If someone dies abroad, it is important to know under what circumstances he / she died.

If it is a death in hospital or outside the hospital, it is a natural or non-natural death.

An unnatural death is when someone dies as a result of a crime or accident.

The remains are being repatriated. A repatriation is provided by the next of kin in collaboration with a funeral home (in the country of death).

We take care of the legal formalities on site. formalities at the border (at the airport or by car) must be arranged.

Often times, the body of a deceased person is embalmed because between the time of death and the funeral / cremation often lasts longer than someone

The deceased must be cared for for the transport,in the Netherlands dies.