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repatriering internationaal-03-2024

Binnenkort in uw eigen taal .. Soon in your own language .. Bald in Ihrer eigenen Sprache … resto nella tua lingua … Pronto en su propio idioma…

Bientôt dans votre propre langue… Wkrótce we własnym języku … Drīz jūsu dzimtajā valodā … Наскоро на свој јазик …

√ Available 24/7 | √ The cheapest guaranteed | √ Stylish and Personal | √ Coffins


Repatriation has specialized for over 25 years in international funeral transport of the deceased abroad or back to the Netherlands.

In addition, together with colleagues, we take care of the entire organization around the funeral so that the next of kin do not have to worry in any way,

but have confidence that the event will be conducted with dignity and respect. This can result in a discount of up to 45% compared to the large funeral entrepreneurs.

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